January 17, 2016

Embassy Suites Hotel

Chicago, IL


  • Meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m-
    • Present: Bart Sharp, David O’Connell, Dale Dwyer, Nancy Day, Carolyn Wiley, Chanchai Tangpng, Tracy Porter, Jennifer Schultz, Sharon Heilmann, Marilyn Bugenhagen, Christine Shaefer, Rebecca Wyland, Kem Gambrell


  • Proposal to create a site selection committee
    • Motion to plan the location of MAM for the next three years (starting 2017)
    • Motion passed
    • Chicago 2017

Sharon appointed Marilyn as site coordinator

  • Site coordinator will work with President and Chair Elect to coordinate annual conference planning


  • Motion for criteria for choosing city:
    • Prior attendance
    • Ease of access for travel
    • Major University in/very lose by city
    • Extracurricular events; local attractions
    • Geographic diversity among cities (move around the region)
  • Motion seconded
  • Motion passed
  • Motion proposed for annual meeting cities for years 2018/2019 (2018- St. Louis) (2019 Milwaukee)
  • Motion passed

Sharon announced Christine’s appointment as an executive director to the board through the year 2016

Nancy: Discussion of code of ethics adoption. Provided AoM as an example.

  • Christine will provide working draft of constitution and need to incorporate ethical code into constitution

Bart: Report of finances: Reported out on banking and information on new bank possibilities. Currently with Bank of America

  • Need to develop policy on audits/financial procedures
  • Treasurer oversees balance of both on-line and actual money accounts- but further clarification of roles and duties needed
  • Develop criteria for operating expenses (i.e. like the BOG meeting in January) and how much BOG will decide will be set aside annually.
  • Non-dues revenue generation



  • Paper submission and program formatting program system report
  • Motion to adopt professional version Open Conference as a submission system
  • Motion passed
  • Volunteers to help with setting up system for paper submission (Dale and Jennifer set-up and Carolyn to piolet)


  • Over-view of duties of organization and responsibilities of organization, officers, and governors.
  • A number of areas are not under a specific role/position or committee
  • Need clarification of which roles/committees are responsible for what
  • Move towards renaming positions, for instance not a coordinator, but rather membership committee that has its own chair.


  • Meeting rooms good to go for Friday
  • US Bank will let us their meeting facility
  • Also looking into another meeting space
  • Microsoft will do short tour and allow meeting space- have to get to major sponsor at least 18-24 months before annual meeting due to their budget and planning constraints.
  • Will continue to work on business and local sponsorships
  • Sharon will work on University sponsorships and communicating with track chairs etc.
  • Paper submission and having track chairs help continue market call for papers

Movement to approve 2016 program as presented

Motion passed

Chanchai will have proposed 2016 budget by February BOG meeting for presentation.

Look at criteria for Midwest Scholars….creation of other awards as a potential recognition method

Suggestions for Midwest scholars:

  • Peter Sorensen-
  • Ken Thompson-
  • Kim Cameron
  • Looked at AOM fellows and previous presidents
  • Marianne Albrecht
  • Rosalie Tung
  • Get a big name not usually associated with MAM
  • Look at luminaries

Sharon: Committee work

  • Junior Faculty Scholarships
  • Last year had five scholarships
  • Sharon has criteria to decide selection process
  • Process to develop SOP for scholarships sent to Christine (by Sharon)


  • BOG Next steps
    1. Email Christine what committees/thoughts and feedback about alignment of roles
    2. List of suggestions for Midwest Scholar
    3. By-laws
    4. Look at AOM Code of Ethics for possible membership criteria
    5. What are the policies and procedures we need to move forward and what priorities are for immediate decision
  • Delegated items for specific individuals
  • Budget set later (Feb. BOG meeting)
  • Membership Fees
    • Member rate [Faculty and Professional] (full member rate) (less then non-member)
    • Faculty-Professional non-member rate (most expensive)
    • Rate for guest
    • Student Full member
    • Student Non-member student rate
    • Student guest fee


  • Due to Carolyn’s election, board seat is open. Nancy Day will finish serving
  • Beth has been elected, and couldn’t join us in Chicago- on telecom meetings.

Adjourned:  2:28 p.m.